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Dear comic writers Kyle & Yost and Marvel in general for allowing this crap,

Please die in a fire. Repeatedly. And kindly take Uncanny with you.

No love at all ever,

Holidays in Exile

We sent out e-mails today, but a couple bounced back and one or two more seemed to have disappeared into cyberspace. So, since one would've gone out to everyone on my flist, anyway, I'm just gonna repost it here to hopefully catch anyone whose e-mail didn't make it through:

Hello and Happy Holidays!

If you're receiving this message, then you're someone that we've RP'd with in the past on one of several Marvel/X-Men related RPGs including Excalibur - ReDrawn, X-Men: Altered Destinies, Project Bayville, and Alternate X, among others. You're people we've enjoyed RPing with and consider among our RPG 'family' and so we'd like to invite you to join us in our sort of annual, temporary Holiday RPG. This year, we'll be having Holidays in Exile, complete with evil AU scientists, transdimensional travel, and a somewhat gaudy palace made of pink crystal.

The board where all this is occurring can be found here: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Limbo_XMas/index.php? It's the same board as last year, we're repurposing for the coming event, and we're still working on the graphics. But feel free to strap on your favorite Marvel characters, in any incarnation you prefer, drop by and check things out. There's a welcome forum that explains what's going on and a place to drop by and say hi, and of course chat away in the c-box as much as you like. We're always glad to see any and all of you.

RP will be laid back, no posting requirements, no bio submissions needed, etc, and the board will be open for around a month so that people can explore whatever interactions and incidents they'd like and just have fun getting their RP fix without having to commit to a long term RP. Just let us know who you're bringing and jump right in. We'll likely be getting into full swing tonight or tomorrow, but if you can't make it then don't let that stop you. Drop in whenever you can for however long you can. You'll be most welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to see you there!
Sue and Susan

We'd love to have you, so come by and see us! Even if it's just to drop by and say hi and chat. We're just now starting a few threads, so don't worry about missing anything and the more the merrier!
Well, Vista 64 crapped itself and ate it's registry this morning. Joy.  Now I'm waiting for it to finish defragging, which it's been doing for the last three hours.  I will have no IM until it's done and can reinstall, because it also apparently ate Trillian.  WOE.
The universe sends out pointed reminders of just how wrong you are.  Thanks for the support, universe!  Some days I honestly wonder why I bother to get out of bed, much less attempt to interact with the rest of humanity.  I think my first instincts were right.

This has been your vague, inexplicable rant for the day.  Please return to your regularly scheduled LJ activities.

Also, there are buffalo in my yard again.  I swear to you, I'm going to start eating them.  They're supposed to be tasty under all that hair.
But if you haven't seen Susan Boyle's audtion on Britain's Got Talent, it's one of the few things on YouTube worth watching:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY

I've seen it done onstage in Les Mis by professionals and not done that well, and the look on the judges faces is utterly priceless.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -  Wait, what??  WTF just happened there?  They can not leave the series with that ending!  Gah!  Are they going to explain this in Salvation, somehow?  *is So confused*

Dollhouse:  Ha!  I knew it!  I knew that was the spy!  But I don't think that's nearly the end of it, judging by what else was going on in this episode.  Also, Adele is so Emma-like, I want her to have blonde hair.  It will suck if this is the only season for this series, now that it's finally getting really good.

Online dating...

...has reached some sort of Guinness World Record level of 'we are milking it for all it's worth'.


For when you can't even manage to have an extramarital affair without involving the internet.  *facepalms*

Dealing with real estate...

...is of the devil.

Someone please remind me to kindly die in the county in which I live, so that whoever inherits my stuff doesn't have to devote several hours of their day for weeks (nearly ten years after the fact, no less) trying to coordinate paperwork between three different counties.  Because, of course, in this age of internet and computer networking, everyone just sharing info that way would be far too easy.



An Open Invitation - A Very Limbo X-Mas

We're still sending out e-mails and hitting people over IM, but in case we forget someone (and god knows, I probably will; I'm old and senile, give me a break) this is an open invite to people we've RP'd with, those we know through fic or the comic/X-Men fandom, or likewise interested parties to join us for an impromptu holiday RP party at: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Limbo_XMas/index.php?act=idx. 

This won't be a long term or permanent RP, but a holiday party for RP and fic characters to mingle.  It's being held in Limbo and hosted by the lovely and talented Illyana Rasputin.  In other words, RPers, fic writers, or just anyone who thinks it might sound like fun is welcome to drop by with the character or characters of their choice and join in the fun.  Duplicate characters are welcome, as are characters from just about any universe, AU, fic, or RP (past or present) that you can imagine.  As long as they're based on someone Marvel invented, bring it on. 

It's laid back and totally for fun so we can get our RP/writing fix, so no pressure.  Drop by, check it out, and join in if you can and would like or just say hi.  How long the party will last is still to be determined, but things will be left open from around tomorrow morning (US Est time) through the holiday and at least a couple of days after.  We're leaving it all flexible so everyone has a chance to have fun.

We did this several years back and it was a blast!  Hope to see you there!


X-Men Sims: First Class

Pictures under the cut of amazingly silly X-Men type sim teens doing lots of stuff that amused me but may or may not amuse you.  You have been warned.

Warren Who? The Danger Room is for Homework. And Adventures in Furniture Abuse.Collapse )