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Brief thoughts on X-Men: Legacy

I was pretty vocal about my massive hate for Carey's writing on Uncanny for most of his term, despite liking him on other titles like Ultimate Fantastic Four. It honestly didn't seem like it was even the same writer when you compared the two. I was glad to see that, after Adjectiveless morphed into Legacy post-Messiah Complex, that his writing suddenly became not only non-painful but actually enjoyable.

But... (you knew there was going to be a but, didn't you?)

Will someone please explain to me how the current Proteus stuff on Muir makes any sense? Please? Did no one inform Carey that 616 Proteus was off thinking he's Morph with the Exiles since House of M, and that there shouldn't really be any 'dead Proteus essence' hanging around to coalesce again or whatever? Are we just ignoring that? Are we citing some sort of AU pardox? Beuller? I need to know!!

Granted, I haven't finished the last bit of Claremont's run on New Exiles to know if they did anything about the whole Proteus!Morph problem, but even if they did, what's going on in Legacy still doesn't make any sense. There are continuity errors all over the place in there, which could possibly be explained in some way with a little effort, but they haven't been. At all.

Other than the whole issue with how Proteus appeared to begin with (which Carey did try to explain this issue, but still doesn't work given the House of M/Exiles stuff), a smaller example is his mention of Kitty and her dragon while asking them if one of the new kids was their new Ghost Girl. Problem being, no one had even heard of Kitty Pryde, much less Lockheed, until long after Proteus was dead. And it's not phrased as something he picked up from someone he possessed, but something he remembered.

Overall, I'd enjoy what he's trying to do, I think, if I wasn't constantly distracted by the inconsistencies. They're starting to make my head hurt.